Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy

The past decade has seen increased awareness of the need for renewable energy and reducing embodied energy in the building sector. Together with our affiliates, our global #EfficiencyFirst campaign aims to raise awareness of the foundational aspect of sustainable buildings that is too often overlooked: Energy efficiency.

Currently, 35% of global energy consumption stems from the building sector alone and the operational stage is the largest contributor to carbon emissions. The majority of this stems from heating and cooling demand. Passive House buildings provide a transparent, quality-assured approach to meeting our climate goals, while also creating a comfortable, healthy and sustainable built environment.

Over the course of 2021, the International Passive House Association-iPHA network will be running a series of activities and events with the aim of promoting the significance of an efficiency first approach to building design; wherein buildings are planned, constructed and retrofitted to have an extremely low heating and cooling demand.

Make your building work for you and live better using less energy in a comfortable, healthy, sustainable and future-oriented Passive House.

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