Energy communities

Energy communities organise collective and citizen-driven energy actions that will help pave the way for a clean energy transition while moving citizens to the fore. They contribute to increasing public acceptance of renewable energy projects and make it easier to attract private investments in the clean energy transition. At the same time, they have the potential to provideContinue reading “Energy communities”

What is condensation

Atmospheric air contains water vapour in the form of invisible droplets. The amount depends on the pressure and temperature of the air. Changes to pressure have a negligible effect, while temperature has a significant impact. As the temperature rises, the air’s capacity to retain water vapour increases, and vice versa. The vapour content of theContinue reading “What is condensation”

Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy

The past decade has seen increased awareness of the need for renewable energy and reducing embodied energy in the building sector. Together with our affiliates, our global #EfficiencyFirst campaign aims to raise awareness of the foundational aspect of sustainable buildings that is too often overlooked: Energy efficiency. Currently, 35% of global energy consumption stems from the buildingContinue reading “Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy”

Passive House Design in healthcare

NZEB Australia will be partnering with Clinics By Design, a dedicated Design & Construction company specialising in new buildings and fit-outs for the healthcare industry, to provide Passive House Design services for their upcoming projects. Buildings that implement the Passive House principles use approximately 80% less energy than buildings of equivalent size while providing superiorContinue reading “Passive House Design in healthcare”