Passive House Design in healthcare

NZEB Australia will be partnering with Clinics By Design, a dedicated Design & Construction company specialising in new buildings and fit-outs for the healthcare industry, to provide Passive House Design services for their upcoming projects.

Buildings that implement the Passive House principles use approximately 80% less energy than buildings of equivalent size while providing superior air quality and comfort, two extremely important factors in any healthcare setting.

Proper thermal insulation is essential in Passive House design. Not only does thick and continuous insulation provide the crucial thermal separation between the heated or cooled inside environment and the outdoors but it also improves thermal comfort by reducing the risk of condensation.

Although this can be seen as a challenge within the Australian medical environment in which we have automatic doors and promote open windows where possible in order to create a better atmosphere for patients, it doesn’t mean your clinic will be constructed as an air tight box. The difference is that when these windows and doors are closed there is no gap for cold or warm air to escape, therefore maintaining an ambient and comfortable environment. This can be beneficial within environments that are dealing with skin or more serious medical conditions and therefore want to keep the building free from outdoor pollutants where possible. Not only do MVHR systems help to clean the air from pollution and contribute in regulating humidity they also recover warm and cool air which would otherwise go to waste.

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