About Us

We are Architects & Passive House designers

Transforming academic research into commercial reality

The past

We come from an Architectural Engineering background.

As practising professionals in Europe for more than 10 years, we had witnessed the evolution of sustainable architecture and building engineering right at the cradle of innovative building methodologies.

The future

Architecture and engineering keep being the flip sides of the same coin.

As practising architects in Victoria and New South Wales and certified Passive House Designers, we provide holistic services for design, construction documentation, energy efficiency, contract administration and project management.

We provide architectural design and project management services for residential and commercial projects. You can see more details at www.stefanidis-architects.com.au.

We are among only a few architectural practises who at the same time are Certified Passive House Designers.

We are the only Certified Passive House Design practice in Australia with:

  • Current architectural registration in Europe, through which we keep up to date with industry updates on advanced building methodologies.
  • Current European Engineer (EUR-ING) registration in the European Union
  • Registration as Commercial Builders with the VBA

We design for environmentally conscious clients and we assist architects and builders with their projects. Our target group are those who value the quality of the environment they live in.

Contact Us

You can either use the form below or send us an e-mail at nzebaus@gmail.com

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